6 Small Business Hacks That Make Life Easier


If you’re the owner of a small business, you’re no stranger to challenges and difficulty. And if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably an innovative, resourceful, and clever person.

Veteran business owners and lucky new ones sometimes discover helpful tips and tricks along the way that make owning a business a little easier. We love finding tips and hacks like these – they’re like hidden business Easter eggs that you have to look for carefully.

We found 6 of those tips and put them into the list below: 6 Small Business Hacks That Make Life Easier.

Play atmospheric noise

Hearing loud noises is distracting and hampers productivity, and a too-quiet work space makes you work slower. To make yourself more productive, try playing atmospheric noise while you work.

Click here to listen to coffee shop sounds (low voices, the clink of spoons in cups, machines whirring softly, etc.)

Add a second screen

Want to drastically increase the amount of work you get done? Try adding a second screen to your work space. This way, you can compare items easily and multitask without interrupting other activies or switching between screens.

Exercise at your desk

If you sit in a chair most of the day, you’re considered sedentary. You have to exercise to reverse the negative physical effects being sedentary has on your body. Desk exercises, or deskercise, is an easy way to fit in a quick workout that undoes the damage of sitting at your desk for long periods.

Click here to look at 5 easy deskercises you can try right now.

Hire an answering service

Pausing your work flow every time the phone rings isn’t helpful when you’re trying to improve productivity.

If you’re not receiving enough calls to feel like you need a virtual receptionist, try a call answering service like Conversational. Someone friendly in the US or Canada will answer your phone and deliver the messages straight to your email.

Automate social media

If you’re still manually running your business social media accounts, you’re wasting a lot of time! Use a program like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts ahead of time.

Automating your social media posts:

1) Ensures your posts will be well-thought out,

2) Enables you to schedule them at the optimum times.

Hold the emails

Try a service that pauses your incoming emails for a time period you specify. You could  use the service each morning while you get work done, or you could turn it on for the majority of a week-long vacation.

You’ll notice the rise in productivity you experience after you pause your emails, and the sense of relief it gives you to know you won’t need to check email until you’re ready.

Productivity experiments can be a very revealing way to determine ways to increase your productivity. By setting up a program like Harvest, you can track how much time you spend on each task daily. Then, you can try atmospheric noise the next day and compare your total work time and individual task completion time to find out what difference the sounds made.

Take the initiative to try at least one of these small business hacks today. Don’t just try it – find a way to track and measure your results. What tips or tricks do you use to make owning a business easier or boost your productivity?

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