NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation Creates the Leaders of Tomorrow


YEF partners with the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day to help support and encourage entrepreneurship in students.

With rocky economic and policy decisions facing the business owners of today, it is even more vital to prepare, train and motivate the youth to succeed and carry on the entrepreneurial spirit that drives this country.

NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) actively works to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth of today, providing support, recognition, educational opportunities and college scholarships to young entrepreneurs through the support of sponsors and partners.

“My experience with YEF proved to have a profound effect on how I thought about my future and the choices I made,” says Joey Hamilton, co-owner of Charlie and Checkers in New York and a YEF scholarship winner. “It allowed me to reflect on what I thought was most important and lead me to decide to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurship at Canisius College.”

New York State has proven itself home to a deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit—boasting two of YEF’s national scholarship winners in the past two years.

“One thing I gained that I had not anticipated through my experience with YEF was a feeling of humbleness when seeing how much so many others have accomplished. It leaves me striving to do more myself,” says Hamilton.

With this determination and driving spirit in mind, YEF has partnered with Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on April 28 to provide students with an educational experience outside of school that exposes them to the world of small business and encourages them to reach their career goals.

Businesses are encouraged to host a day and be a part of the effort to support and motivate the young entrepreneurs who will carry small business into the future, with free curriculum available for business owners, and opportunity for sponsorship and partnership with students.

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