Top 7 Free and Open Source HRM Software for Small Business


Staying on top in business…

We are living in a global market and for companies to thrive in the ever growing and aggressive competition; they need to hold on to their most vital asset— human resource.


While success in a business is a factor of strategies employed, products, and technology, to a large extent, it depends on how a company manages its labour force. This is why it is very crucial for employers to effectively manage and handle their human resource department, retain employees and keep them motivated.

For companies to achieve maximum workforce output, they need to utilize modern, high quality software technologies for effective human resource management. Lots of human resources software has been developed, both open source and premium versions. Here you can read important factors for – why customer purchasing human resource management software?

However, if your start up is just struggling to break even, you can make the use of free software to effectively manage your team.

Below is a list of various open source & free HRIS software you may need:

1. Sentrifugo

This great software drives home the point that you need to adapt then most definitely advance all entirely for free. This human resource management system is easy to setup and can be easily customized to fit into any organizations structure. It is a one stop solution for harmonizing human resource activities.

Sentrifugo features include performance appraisal, employee self-service, good analytics, background checks, leave management, service requests, resource requisition, interview schedule, a perfect dashboard, feed forward and above all a time management module.

2. WebHR

This great software adopts the hire to retire strategy where it simplifies the daily organizational tasks not only in the most important asset-Human resource but also in the entire company.It essentially bridges the gap between Human Resource Management and Information Technology.

WebHR includes a feature rich social HR, complete recruitment solution, employees’ self-service, extremely user friendly, effortless payroll, biometrics, very cost effective, comprehensive reports and graphs, online job portal and a good extensive employee profile.

3. Bitrix24

Offering35 plus free work tools all in one place it is a perfect communication and collaboration platform. Being a freemium software its free for up to 12 users only.

Bitrix24 showcases great modules such as a social intranet, an interactive activity stream, conversation allowing system, Badges, company announcements, a photo gallery, workflows (leave requests, business trips expenses and general requests)

4. OrangeHRM

The system provides a human resource management platform that allows access to a broad community of users.

The modules involve system administration, personnel information management, leave / time off management, time and attendance management, recruitment, performance, employee self-service and a dashboard.

5. FreeHR

This human resource system keeps the relevant documents and records in perfect order .Your personal information is stored and organized well such that all can be seen from a glance.

FreeHR comes along with great modules such as ability to store personal information, relevant records and documents. It’s accessible from anywhere since its cloud based. It also allows the generation and output of reports to PDF,CSV, email or print.

6. Zenefits

It doesn’t sideline any business, both big and small businesses, it offers multiple products which aim the human resource.

Its main features include compliance, payroll and taxes, benefits and insurances, outsourcing and PEO.The software includes HR cloud platform, reports and analytics, onboarding and offboarding,benefits administration modules, time and attendance ,PTO tracking and stock options.

7. IceHRM

It is a powerful human resource tool yet all very simple. It ensures the security of the employees information in an organization by defining the people to be granted access to it.

The distinguishing features here include good company information management, basic and advanced employee management, paid time off management, timesheets, attendance management, training module, travel management module, document management and more.

However, one of the most important and competent tools that you can devote for your company is Human resource Software. The functions will be ranging from basic to the complex one. You will be able to find the HR Software that fulfills all your requirements and more, no matter the size and type of your company.

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