Content Marketing Success Secrets for Small Business


Has content marketing success eluded you?

Have you tried content marketing in the past and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work?

Are you researching content marketing as an option for your business but you’re questioning if you should do it or not?

Have you talked with other small business owners who said it doesn’t work and that you will waste your time?

The statistics all say the content marketing success is within your reach, if you deploy it properly.

If you’re ready to learn the unhidden, but little talked about, secret to content marketing success and why you should be deploying content marketing for your business, listen in or read on…

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Content Marketing Success for Small Business

Are you a small business owner who was been thinking about content marketing or has done content marketing and your perception is that it’s a total waste of time?

Have you attempted content marketing in the past and it didn’t work?

Have you spent a lot of money on content marketing and no money came back into your checkbook?

It’s frustrating when you put in the work or spend the dollars and few people visit your website!

It’s even more frustrating when no one visits your place of business or calls, and when they do they don’t say anything about your website or content.

Is anyone telling you that they discovered their problem on your website and they just had to buy from you?

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of small business owners you are probably wondering where you’re content marketing success eludes you.

In this article, I’m going to share with you why content marketing success can be found and why content marketing is king for small business.

I will also share the top reasons why content marketing success eludes many business owners and what you can do to change it.

Why Content Marketing Success is Eluding Many Small Businesses Unnecessarily

There are several reasons why content marketing is not working for small business, but there are solutions for each one.

The first reason many small businesses are achieving content marketing success is because a lot of small business owners don’t have the time or the staff to keep up with the demands of digital marketing or content marketing.

You may be like most small business owners who are overwhelmed by the demands of your business. Most of your time is likely allocated towards operations.

As a result, guess what gets left out?

Yes, it’s marketing.

The second reason many small businesses are not achieving content marketing success is that many business owners don’t have the skills or they don’t have the resources to hire people who do. The result is they settle for someone who is unqualified and untrained, or doesn’t have the experience.

If you have a really small team how are you going to get it done?

The odds are that you’re not.

Another reason why so many small businesses are struggling to achieve content marketing success is because they don’t know what business they are “really” in.

Many of us know what we sell and we have an understanding why the consumer ought to buy. However, what we don’t understand is the buying behavior of consumers which is rapidly changing thanks to the internet.

Over the last few years, consumers have gotten smarter about how companies market to them and how they want to be marketed to.

The Internet has taught the consumer how to find what they’re looking for.

How many go to Google and perform a search based on a specific problem, need or desire?

Virtually everyone does a specific search, most times in the form of a question, around a specific problem, need or desire.

This is where the translation gets lost for the majority of small business owners when it comes to our websites and content marketing.

Are You Focusing on Features and Benefits?

Many are creating content that spends way too screen space talking about ourselves or our products or services.

We are spending way too much time talking about features and benefits when the consumer already knows what the features and the benefits of the products are.

Your audience can find features and benefits anywhere.

We have to get out of this mass marketing mindset that focuses on features and benefits and start focusing on specific problems, needs, wants and desires.

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What Does Content Marketing Success Look Like?

Why is content marketing King of the small business universe?

In a survey recently released titled “Crossing the Digital Divide”, small business owners were asked how their consumption habits have changed over the last year.

63% reported taking the time to find and utilize more content on the web.

I can remember it was not too long ago that the way that most small business owners found what they needed was to go to networking events or talk to people that they trusted.

They participated in what is called “word of mouth’ marketing.

Is word of mouth marketing going away?

No, not completely, it just may be changing.

It’s unbelievable when you sit back and think about the following statistics.

What business owners are doing is they’re finding it more efficient, more profitable and less time-consuming to go on to the internet and look for the content that solves a specific problem, meets a need or fulfills a desire by 63%.

It is really eye-opening to think about how much has changed in one year among small business owners.

Only 38% focused on trusted and independent sources.

36% spent less time to attend physical events like lunch or breakfast meetings.

I have a close friend who owns a networking company and what my friend has realized as he’s rebuilding that company is that people are not valuing in-person networking quite like they used to.

That’s forcing him to think about how he delivers his service and that’s a really good thing that will make his company one of the leading networking organizations our there.

I think a lot of business owners realize that sales people and even other business owners go to networking events not to network but to sell something.

Why waste three hours away from the office when I don’t want to be sold anything?

If I need or want something and I don’t want to be sold, I can just go online and find what I need on my terms.

One other number that really struck out to me is that 35% of people spend less time and budget to attend large industry events.


That explains a lot about why it seems fewer and fewer live events are going on.

What is Filling the Void from the Decrease of Live Events? It’s Content Marketing!

I’ve been reading recently that convention centers all over the country are struggling because there are fewer and fewer conferences.

What many small business owners are saying is that they prefer online conferences, webinars, email, content in the form of blog articles, white papers, PDF’s, e-books, videos and more.

They preferred these things over wasting their time and money going to live events and walking away feeling like they got little or nothing they could use immediately. In fact, it felt more like an introduction to a product or service or an upsell and that’s not what they paid for when they registered to attend.

Is Your Emphasis on the Wrong Things? It’s Not About How Your Site Looks, It’s About What Your Website Says

What your website says is far more important than even what your website looks like.

It’s more important than the case studies that you’ve created.

Your message is the most important thing to your business and I know with absolute certainty that at least 80% of businesses have no idea what business they are “really” in.

  • How does the consumer see your business?
  • How do they feel about your business?
  • What do they think about your business?
  • What do they want from you?
  • How do they interact with you?
  • What specific problems, needs, wants or desires are you giving them?

This is crucial!

Many business owners are asking the wrong questions.

As a result, they are spending way too much time thinking about what a website looks like instead of thinking about what it says.

What it says ought to be complimented by how it looks, not the other way around.

What is Content Marketing Success, Really?

Content marketing success happens when our message is executed well.

Content marketing success happens when our content is entered around the needs of the audience instead of your needs.

Content marketing success is occurring because the audience has an increased confidence in our products or services, which is reflected in our sales.

If a small business solves one problem, meets one need,  or fulfills one desire… content marketing success is coming!

How Do you Create Content Marketing Success?

I have a unique and special bootcamp that helps businesses discover the business they are “really” in.

At the end of the bootcamp, it is easy to create a website and hundreds of highly specific blog articles or content marketing pieces.

I will not even build a website for a small business unless they go through the bootcamp and learn the business that they are “really” in because it’s that important!

It is now more about psychology than it is about technology.

I didn’t say coding was not important for those who are ready to make a defense of technology.

What I’m saying is that the technical aspect of a website is not as important as the businesses message.

The message is the foundation of all your business success and content marketing is no exception!

Content marketing success has nothing to do with what your website looks like or what you’re offering.

Your message is the foundation and as such, everything you do flows from it. You don’t force functionality and code, or marketing strategies, on the message.

Instead, the message determines what strategies you will employ.

If you create your message and if your content marketing is all about one problem, need or desire for those who are able, willing and ready to buy from you; you will find content marketing success!

If you do this right you will connect with your audience at an emotional level.

If you connect with them at an emotional level (message around a specific problem, need or desire) and a logical level (features and benefits) guess what happens to your sales?

If you connect with those who consume your content marketing, they will feel like you are competent.

You will give them a reason to feel like they understood you and more importantly that you understood them.

This is a big, big deal!

If you can get your head around the consumer and what the consumer is looking for, you have a shot at making your content marketing success will happen in ways that it has never been before.

Do You Know What Business You’re “Really” In?

Content marketing success is not about how your website looks. It’s about how your message meaningfully and emotionally connects with your audience.

Have you tried content marketing in the past and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work?

Are you researching content marketing as an option for your business but you’re questioning if you should do it or not?

Have you talked with other small business owners who said it doesn’t work and that you will waste your time?

The statistics all say the content marketing success is within your reach, if you deploy it properly.

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