5 Asset Tracking Hacks for Your Small Business


The folks over at Asset Panda have put together a nifty little graphic that defines five asset tracking hacks. They are as follows:

1. Kill the Spreadsheet

– Stop wasting time with spreadsheets that are not shared or mobile.

2. Ditch Expensive Hardware

– Most small businesses already have smart phones or tablets in hand. Therefore, there is really no need to purchase expensive hardware unless one scans a lot.

3. Backup To the Cloud

– Make sure your asset tracking is on the cloud, accessible to everyone and backed up.

4. Mobile Apps

– Make sure your asset tracking software has mobile apps so you can use your smart phone and/or tablet.

5. Integration Is Important

– Check to see if your asset tracking software integrates with your accounting software and any other tools such as email.

There you have it – and here are these same hacks visually.


“The original article can be found at http://smallbiztrends.com/